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The Spinach-vegetable known for its rich nutrient level has been used nutritionally as a source of minerals and vitamins. The dark leafy greens vegetable has been used in a number of recipes.Their health benefits include improvement of skin texture mainly because it contains a number of vitamins; Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin K. Another product to mention here is the Cheese. A number of people do not regard cheese to be a health product. It has been classified as a fatty food out there. Not to mention its provision of immunity to cancer, it is beneficial in that it works on the skin and hair texture of a person. Its other benefits include protection from cavities and bone strength. The problem with cheese definitely comes in with consumption in large quantities that are not ideal for the normal body needs. It’s not that you don’t need cheese in your body but just watch how much cheese you take in.¬†Using the air fryer reviews will yield you the best results.

Directions for cooking Spinach-Cheese Balls with Pasta Sauce

Ingredients include

Spinach, Cheese, Pasta, Eggs, Onion powder, garlic powder, oregano leaves, sour cream, olive oil, all-purpose flour, breadcrumbs

In a large dish, mix eggs, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano leaves, sour cream, olive oil, cheese until it has properly mixed. Add the all-purpose flour one cup at a time until all flour is added, continue mixing until well blended. Cut spinach into small pieces and then add to the mixture and until properly blended in.

Prepare your deep fryer and set it to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make or roll ball shapes out of the mixture and place them on a tray. In a separate dish or bowl, place breadcrumbs in it. Deep each piece of cheese ball into the breadcrumbs and then deep fry the balls in the deep fryer. Flip the balls over and over again until they are just golden brown. Once ready place the spinach-cheese balls on a paper towel to drain out the oil. Leave it to cool for 2 minutes before serving. Prepare your plates and serve with Pasta Sauce that will be used for dipping.


This is a meal that is ideal for vegans. It has a good nutritional composition of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins making it a very health and the ideal recipe for the whole family. Really yummy! The recipe has been used again and again in some families and is a famous treat. The Spinach-Cheese Balls with Pasta Sauce can be eaten for breakfast or any other time of your choice as a snack though it is mainly classified as an appetizer. Take a good look at that menu at your restaurant, it may be included.The nutritional components of this recipe consist of Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, cholesterol( small percentage), sugar, proteins and vitamin A.

How to Get the ‘Ab Crack’ Everyone’s Suddenly Obsessed With

After thigh gap, there is a new obsession amongst fitness enthusiasts, which is ab crack. For fitness enthusiasts, it is their new goal and for others, it is just something really crazy. Even the doctors have recommended people to not work out for just aesthetic purpose; the ab crack might look amazing but it does not show that you are fit. This is just a body image goal that serves no purpose as far as fitness is concerned. In today’s world people just want a perfect body shape and want to lose weight instead of fat. To stay fit, you should not have excessive fat on your body and should be flexible and energetic. So, do not even think about achieving these ridiculous body image goals; exercise to stay flexible and eat to stay healthy. Here are tips on how to get Ab crack.

1. Your eating habits play a significant role in fat loss because your body is shaped by what you eat. Healthy food maintains nutrition balance in your body and aids in fat loss when combined with an effective exercise regime. So, if you are willing to shed some extra flab then do keep a check on your eating habits.

2. Controlled portions of fresh vegetables, fruits, and protein snacks can be a great addition to your diet plan. Most of the fitness experts recommend protein diet plan for expeditious fat loss. So, protein diet snacks can certainly be a great choice to satiate your hunger without adding unnecessary calories to your diet.

3. You need to opt for the most suitable exercise. First off, you need to choose an exercise routine that allows you to eliminate the fat effortlessly. Furthermore, you also need to choose a specific exercise that you really enjoy.

4. A few of these more effective exercises are the following: power walking, mini-trampoline jumping, swimming, circuit training, squats, and incline walking. If you are doing squats with weight lifting and circuit training, you need to stop for a maximum of 30 seconds as a gap between two sets.

5. As for other exercises, you can do them within a short stretch. If you choose an exercise that you really like, you will be motivated throughout the entire routine. The following is a discussion on how you need to perform your chosen exercise.

6. You need abundance of protein in your body before starting any exercise regime. This is because this nutrient makes your muscles stronger, which is essential to have the stamina and strength to exercise.

It is essential to make sure that your body is replenished with this vital nutrient before following a rigorous exercise regime. So, buy high protein diet snacks online and get ready to achieve your fitness goals. Healthy eating habits are the base of a successful fat loss regime and replacing those high-calorie snacks with healthy protein snacks will be quite helpful for sure. Apart from all this, you should obediently follow the advice of your fitness expert and should never skip any exercise session. If on any day, you fail to hit the gym then exercise for at least half an hour at any time of the day. This will not only aid in fat loss but will also help in keeping your body fit and flexible for a long time.

How To Get Soft Waves Hair Tutorial

best hair straightenerWhen it comes to having the best looks in any event, award-winning ceremonies, media events, and any other social gathering, having the best looks are very key. Remember that the first impression is very very important and thus you need to create a very impressive one. One of the ways to make this unforgettable look is having the best hairstyle, one with soft waves. However, we will focus much more on how to get soft waves on your hair. Make sure you put this in practice in the next coming prom, wedding, fundraiser ceremony and many other occasions that need a classy and an inviting look.

So, how do we get these soft waves hair?

I. The organization is very key in starting this hair waving process. So in that regard, divide and separate your natural parts of your head. This will not only enable you to have a simple exercise but also organize the shared portions in an orderly manner. Remember you are heating your hair in this process so do not forget to spray a heat protector.

II. Now go right ahead and pick your curling iron and a barrel because they will become handy here. With your barrel on the right hand, hold a chunk of hair and roll it on the barrel and blow the heat wave directly towards the hair. You can let the barrel hold on to your hair sometime and this would be of great help in cooling. This is a process that will require some 3-5 minutes so as to allow the folded hair in the barrel to form coils, natural like coils.

III. From this point now on, you can see some foils not so vivid though as you still have some cooling and spraying to do. There are several hold sprays in the market, although most of them do one and the same kind of job anyway. Spray the whole hairdo and brush your hair gently with close attention being paid to the coils as this is why we did all this process, though. Be very gentle in your brushing remember this is what will the determinant of how curly and wavy your hair will look like. If you do this the correct way then you should be able to come up with the best long soft curvy waves.

IV. After having all soft curvy waves along your hairline, remember the head front is always at the focus of many eyes so let it have some attention as well in the soft wave hair making process. Normally you would find hair flowing from your sides down to your ears. They would always cover the front part of your head as well. What you need to do here is to curl them away from your forehead. This would create a spiral wave that drops down through to the back of your ears.

V. The last step involves running your hands through the formed curls to loosen the soft hair waves that form the curls. This is very relaxing and would bring out the best looks you could ever ask for. Do this and take some moment and enjoy the view of a magnificent look at your mirror

Having followed all the given processes you should have the best looks in the crowd. This is a simple exercise although it requires some degree of attention. Through the step by step process, i strongly advice you to master it, let it be your art and skill, own it, because a classy, pretty look doesnt sound so bad to me.

5 Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is sexy and everyone can wear it. They have a look that goes with any occasion. If you have curly, frizzy hair, use a rich or relaxing hair product and let hair dry naturally. Curly hair with loops adds an extra touch to the hair that can’t be beat. Be careful because they may cause your hair frizzy, stressed, broken and damage especially at the ends. Do short and medium hairstyles for the look of beauty with a few curly strands. Many shapes and types of curls can be obtained with thick hair such as with a Pixie haircut. Hairstyles for thick hair are many and with a few haircutting tips, you can have thick hair and look great!

1. Pixie haircuts are a good option for many; especially those who lead a busy life. If you have an oval face and have small and elegant facial features, a pixie hair cut will highlight your face and give you a look that is youthful and yet, cute and sexy.

2. Then there is a Mid-Length Bob. This is a classic look; a look that looks especially good when it is chin length and when it is balanced with blunt bangs. All you need for his haircut is of course, thick hair, a bristle round brush, a smoothing serum and a good blow dryer. This look is classic and attention getting. You can’t go wrong with a Mid-Length Bob.

3. Another style that looks good with thick hair is a Long Layer Cut. This is another classic look and comes across best when the cut is layered. A long layer cut enhancing a woman’s facial features and can give a sexy and attractive look. To add to this look, use a straightening iron, round brush, styling cream and blow dryer.

4. Some women who have thick hair may like the Crop Haircut. Those who have a heart shaped or oval face look best with this haircut. This haircut is short; with hair at the top a little bit longer. This kind of hair cut also looks good for women who have curly or wavy hair.

5. Angled Bob Haircut is also good for women who have thick hair. With this haircut, hair is cut several inches longer at the front and sides than hair in the back. The longer layers of hair in the front, give a modern and continental look.

The Shaggy Haircut is popular for some women; however, women who have curly or coarse hair should avoid this cut. This hair cut is hair that is cut in choppy layers; with hair at the back cut until the nape is reached.

To get the long and flowing Duchess of Cambridge haircut, the hair must be one length and must be curled. This kind of haircut looks good on most face shapes except for faces that are long. To make the big curls at the bottom, a curling iron needs to be used to close down on the ends of the hair, then roll the hair up while holding the curling iron horizontally.

No matter how long or short your hair is, to keep thick hair looking its best, there are some simple “tricks of the trade” that will help such as washing your hair thoroughly so that all of the dust, dirt and oils are washed out and not get trapped in thick locks of hair. Some say that by adding root boost hair spray, more volume can be obtained near the crown of the hair. Staying away from perms is another good idea for thick hair because they don’t last long and perms sometimes dry out hair. Another tips for thick hair is to keep layers of hair trimmed often to avoid split ends.
For more hands on knowledge, please read here at www.divahairstudio.net

5 Essential Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo for hair extensions has been hailed as a trendy new miracle product, and for good reason. It effectively removes dirt and absorbs excess oil from the hair and scalp, allowing you to skip a day or two between washing your hair.

It can liven up limp hair after a workout or on a hot humid day, and also works as a detangler and as a styling product, too. Use it to help set up-dos, make waves, defrizz or smooth cowlicks and kinks.

How to Use Dry Shampoo for Hair Extensions

It is a wonderful solution for people who are used to washing their hair every day (and are resistant to the notion that extensions should only be washed two to three times a week).

Powder shampoos should be applied near the roots and spread through the hair with fingers. For spray-in products, hold the bottle about six inches from your head then spray at the roots. Then distribute the product with a gentle comb or brush designed for hair extensions.

How Often Should You Use it?

Although dry shampoo allows you to protect your extensions by shampooing less often, it shouldn’t be used as an everyday solution; it is meant to give your extensions a break between washes. You should use a professional shampoo for hair extensions the day after using it to thoroughly remove product residue and buildup of skin flakes.

Tips for Using Dry Shampoo

To get the most out of your dry shampoo for extensions and avoid the dangers of misuse, be sure to follow these tips:

-Take care to apply the product near the roots. This allows the shampoo to combine with the natural oil produced by the scalp for better absorption.

-Wait a full two to five minutes before styling your hair after applying it so that it has time to absorb into the hair.

-Apply a lightweight serum to help quicken the absorption process if a residue appears after massaging the dry shampoo powder.

-Comb through your hair extensions with a fine tooth brush made with tourmaline bristles for a minimum of two minutes to work the shampoo into your scalp.

-Freshen up your hair by adding a few drops of scented oil into your hair after you’ve combed it through.

-Use a professional dry shampoo spray-in product or mousse for easier application.

Now that you know the basics of dry shampoo for hair extensions, you’ll be able to keep your hair looking healthy and radiant and avoid damage from over-shampooing.

If you have a sensitive nose, you might want to take note of the scent. Some people have a strong preference for different types of fragrances. Most men veer away from the floral scents. Children like fun scents that remind them of fruit or candy. An extension of this is aromatherapy shampoo, which can lift up your senses a bit as you massage it into your scalp. These usually contain essential oils that are heavily fragranced to give your mood a particular effect.

A color-depositing shampoo is great for people who color their hair or even those who don’t. People who do get their hair colored might notice that the color starts to fade pretty much the first time they wash their hair after getting it dyed. These shampoos contain a very diluted amount of coloring to help replace what is naturally washed away from shampooing. Even people who don’t color their hair might opt for this type to help enhance their natural color or even to add a hint of red or blonde to darker hair colors.



5 Essential Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Dry Shampoo

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